Call for volunteers

This conference is being run by collective, grassroots people power! In order to make it a success, we need your help. Please considering offering a bit of time or money if you can. We are particularly seeking volunteers and donations for the following:

  1. Accommodation Hosts

It can be very expensive to travel and stay in London, so we are seeking spaces for out-of-town participants to stay during the conference. Can you or someone you know offer a spare room, a sofa bed or a couch to sleep on? If so, please drop us a line or fill out the host form.

  1. Translators and Sign-Language Interpreters

This is an international conference and people will be attending from all over the world. In order to make it accessible and inclusive for a range of language speakers, we are seeking volunteers who can offer simultaneous language translation. If you sign and/or speak more than one language and can offer to translate for a few sessions during the conference, please fill out the volunteer form.

  1. General Volunteers

We will need volunteers to help before, during and after the conference with various tasks, such as putting together the conference packs, helping to put up signs, staffing the registration desk, directing people to where they need to go, etc. We are also looking for disability support volunteers (to assist disabled people during the conference) and well-being volunteers (to listen/provide one-to-one support to people if needed)).  If you can spare some time to help – even just a couple hours – that would be greatly appreciated. To let us know what you can help with and when you are available, please fill out the volunteer form.

  1. Donations

We want to make the conference as accessible as possible to attendees regardless of income. To help achieve this, we are offering bursary places to help cover the costs of travel and accommodation for those on low income, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We have very limited funding for the conference, so the extent of our bursary offer is dependent on the number of donations we receive. Would you be able to make a donation to help support someone to come to the event? Every donation helps, so whether you can contribute a little or a lot please consider donating via our fundraising page.

If you have questions or need further information, please get in touch with us at: