Reading & Discussion Group

2020 Year of Abolition!

In the lead-up to Abolitionist Futures – International Conference of Penal Abolition – held in London in June 2018 we hosted a monthly reading group to discuss some key and current abolitionist texts. These discussions helped inform collective strategy and movement-building, and some of our wonderful organisers in London became involved in the movement through these reading groups.

Since then there has been a huge uptake in interest in abolitionist principles as we see abolition enter mainstream conversation. The time has come to imagine a world that prioritises community, safety and health, and work towards building the world we want to see.

We want to bring people together to revisiting these reading sessions now – with the aim of continuing to build our movement. To begin we will be using the same reading list for the first four sessions.  Together we will then develop a movement building focused materials list, and run a second phase of the reading.  Our aim being to turn our collective learning into organised action.   We want to see abolitionist visions grow.

We encourage enthusiastic and interested people and groups to take on the challenge of running simultaneous discussion and reading groups across towns, cities and borders starting in January 2020.

The reading list is freely available online. We will provide you with promotional material and can help you promote the Reading & Discussion Groups, and have sign up forms. We can also help with session pointers, and some things that we found came up in our sessions.

All you will need is an enthusiastic interest in abolition, a fellow co-facilitator, a free venue, and some dates in your local area.

Our proposed dates for running a group in London 2020 are Weds  22 January; Thurs 12 March;  Thurs 2 April and Thurs 14 May 2020.

If you are up for raising the profile of abolitionism, and joining us in building our movement then please get involved!

The sessions are as follows:

  1. Introduction to Penal Abolition: A social movement, a practice, a way of life
  2. What’s wrong with reform? What are non-reformist reforms?
  3. Feminist, queer, anti racist approaches to abolition
  4. Transformative justice & abolition

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We will be adding to these reading list, and compiling new ones.

If you would like to be involved in either running or attending these groups, or if you have suggestions or want to add anything materials please get in contact by filling the form below.